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What’s the Secret Sauce for Direct Hire Success?

direct hire successIf hiring permanent employees is proving to be a recent struggle for your CT organization, a staffing agency can help. A reputable and experienced firm that offers direct hire staffing services can no doubt help you achieve hiring success.

Direct Hire – a Valuable Staffing Service

When filling a direct hire position, a staffing agency finds talent by employing their expertise through various recruiting methods and the employer then hires the candidate directly. There are quite a few benefits to partnering with a staffing firm for placements:

  • Time saver.

    When an agency provides direct hire placement services, they manage the entire process – from screening to hiring. This, of course, saves the employer valuable time.

  • Larger talent pool.

    Direct hire recruiting with the help of a staffing agency also gives an employer access to a larger candidate pool, including passive candidates who are often more difficult to find.

  • Faster hires.

    When a full-time recruiting professional is dedicated to the direct hire process, things move along at a quicker pace – and new hires come on board faster.

Achieving Direct Hire Success

Lots of staffing agencies offer direct hire placement services, but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. So what’s the ‘secret sauce’ for direct hire success? Here are the key ingredients your agency should have:

    • Location.

      It’s true – the location of the staffing agency you work with for your direct hire needs can have an impact on how successful your placements are.

      If you work with a smaller, reputable agency that is local to your area, you get the benefit of working with a recruiting team that is very knowledgeable about the local candidate scene. They have met personally with many of the candidates and have a stronger sense of which individuals are best suited for certain positions. This is something that a larger, national staffing chain can’t easily offer.

  • Experience. 

    Another ingredient for direct hire success – experience. It’s important to partner with a staffing agency that has a seasoned team of professionals working hard behind the scenes. If you’re in the market for a staffing firm, ask what kind of experience their team has. Look for a firm that has many years of experience under their belt.

  • Service Offerings.

    If your direct hire requirements are centered around a particular industry, then the staffing agency you work with should have direct hire expertise in that specialized area. Make sure their service offerings are a good match for what you need in a new hire.

    For example, A.R. Mazzotta has 2 dedicated service groups – our Industrial Group and Professional/Office Group. Each of the staffing specialists in these groups understand what it takes to successfully hire talent in their specific markets.

  • Process.

    Having a tried-and-true process for direct hire placement is a must for any staffing agency you choose to work with. The process should start with one-on-one meetings that allow the agency to fully understand your company culture and hiring goals. The process should also include custom searches for the best possible candidates, and rigorous screenings and skill assessments that ensure only the most qualified talent is chosen for interviews and direct hire consideration.

  • Placement Guarantee.

    Although direct hire recruiting through a staffing agency typically comes with less risk (direct hires are more likely to stay around for the long term and be loyal to an employer), most agencies will offer some type of placement guarantee for their direct hire services.

    Services from A.R. Mazzotta are guaranteed with a comprehensive 6-month replacement agreement that offers 100% protection for the first 90 days. 

Think it’s time to get expert direct hire staffing help? Contact A.R. Mazzotta. We can offer access to some of the best direct hire talent in CT.