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2 Good Job Candidates? Here’s How to Make Your Pick.

candidate selectionIn our last story, we helped job seekers determine how to choose between 2 strong job offers. Never a bad predicament to be in! Today we turn the tables and help employers determine how to choose between 2 strong job candidates. This is also not a bad predicament to be in, but it does make the decision process more challenging and requires an employer to pause and make sure they’re making the best candidate selection for the job.

If you’re an employer who needs to decide between two equally qualified job candidates, follow these helpful tips in your candidate selection process:

Revisit Hard & Soft Skills
Your final candidates are probably equally qualified – otherwise they wouldn’t be your top two picks. But look again at the position you’re hiring for, and what the most valued skills are for that particular role. Does one candidate come out on top? And don’t forget to also consider soft skills. If being flexible, curious, creative and a team player are critical characters for thriving in position you’re hiring for, then weigh those factors as well.

Assess the Cultural Fit
Hiring a candidate who is a good fit with your company culture will increase the chances that he or she will be a happy, motivated, loyal employee who finds success within your organization. In your interviews, make sure to share your company’s mission and values with the candidates. You can even introduce potential hires to members of your team – or offer a tour of the workplace so they can get a taste of the environment. Gauge how engaged and comfortable the candidates seem – it’s a good indicator of how well they might fit in for the long-term.

Consider Growth Potential
Remember that the candidate you hire today might have ambitions to grow with the company and move into other roles over time. If they turn out to be a star employee, you want them to stay and continue to contribute to the organization in different ways. So consider what kind of growth potential each candidate has before presenting an offer.

Schedule Another Interview
If you’ve considered all the factors mentioned above, and you’re still undecided about the best candidate selection, schedule another interview with each potential hire. Ask questions that will give you clarity in areas where you might still have questions (skills, experience, cultural fit, etc.). Take notes or record the interview – and try to make your final decision shortly after meeting with both candidates one last time.

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