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7 Summer Perks for Employees

summer perks for employeesAlthough it’s not officially summer, we’ve already celebrated the symbolic start of it —Memorial Day!

It can be a challenge to keep employees focused and upbeat when the work days turn warm and co-workers start to embark on their vacations. Some employees mentally check out before they physically check out at the end of the work week.

Here are 7 summer perks for employees to help embrace the season and keep morale high.

#1 – Flex Fridays
Close the office early on Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If employees like the perk and productivity stays high, consider extending the perk to year-round.

#2 – Theme Days
Theme day ideas are endless. You can have a dress theme (Hawaiian shirt, sports jersey, 70s or 80s attire, etc.) or have a food theme (summertime picnic, Italian, Mexican). Let the employees pick the activity.

#3 – Service Days
Close the office for a day so employees can volunteer together with a local organization like a woman’s shelter, food bank or hospital. 

#4 – Outdoor Meetings
Hold meetings outside so employees can get fresh air and re-energize. If space is available, put seating outside so employees can work in the great outdoors if they want to.

#5 – Company Picnic
Everybody loves a good picnic! Coordinate a company picnic during or after business hours. Invite vendors and other business partners that employees don’t get to see often throughout the year. 

#6 – Contests
If you’ve got a playful and competitive team of employees, plan a few contests and offer prizes. Have a chili cookoff, a cornhole tournament or a softball or volleyball matchup. 

#7 – Mandatory Vaca Days
A lot of employees don’t take the time to use their vacation days. Make sure employees are taking advantage of the days they’ve earned. If the summer months are slower for your organization, then there’s no better time for employees to get away, rest and recharge.

What other summer perks for employees has your company offered? Share them with us!