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7 Questions to Ask Your Job Interviewer

job interview
If you’ve landed a job interview, congrats. There are certain things you can do to prepare for the big event. And hopefully, your prep work will help squash any nerves you have about interviewing with a potential employer.

A recent article from The Balance shares some helpful tips for interview preparation. Here are their top 10:

  • Analyze the job – spend time carefully reviewing the job description of the position you’re interviewing for.
  • Make a match – make a list of your best assets that match the requirements of the job.
  • Research the company – company research is critical to interview prep. Go online and find out everything you can about the company.
  • Practice interviewing – anticipate the questions you will likely be asked during the interview and prepare answers to each question.
  • Get your interview clothes ready – making a good first impression is important. Dress accordingly based on the type of job you’re interviewing for.
  • Decide how to style your hair – consider your hair one of your accessories! It will be noticed as much as your interview outfit.
  • Decide what to bring to your interview – in addition to anything specific that the employer asks you to bring, take along copies of your resume and your list of references.
  • Practice interview etiquette – proper etiquette is important and can make or break your interview. Practice a firm handshake, good eye contact and positive body language.
  • Get directions – don’t wait until the last minute to confirm directions to your interview location. Know how long it’ll take you to get there in traffic and know where you’ll park.
  • Listen and ask questions – this last tip is an important one! It’s not only critical to listen to your interviewer so you answer questions accurately, but it’s also important to ask critical questions that give you a good sense of the job you’re being considered for.

To expand on the last tip of listening and asking questions, here are 7 questions you should ask during a job interview. Some of these topics might be covered by the interviewer during your meeting – but if not, fire away:

-Why are you hiring for this position – is it a newly created role or are you replacing someone who left the company?

-What will your ideal hire have in terms of experience and skills?

-How would you describe the company’s work environment and company culture?

-What kind of training will be provided for this position?

-Does the company have any plans for growth or change over the next few years?

-What opportunities are available for professional development and growth within the company?

-What’s your hiring timeline for this position?

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