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Here’s What the Workforce of the Future Looks Like

workforce trends

Wouldn’t it be great if life came with a crystal ball? Companies and their team of HR specialists probably wish the same when trying to predict what the future holds when it comes to workforce trends.

But even without a Magic 8 ball, each year brings more definitive signs of what companies can expect to face in the coming years.

Here are some of the top U.S. workforce trends people are talking about: 

Workforce Demographics Will Continue to Change
According to industry experts like Deloitte, the most diverse labor market to-date is upon us, thanks to several factors.

Despite Millennials taking on the largest labor market share of any single generation, and Generation Z entering the job scene, the U.S. workforce is actually aging – and will continue to age. As people live longer and choose to work longer, people over 65 years old is currently the fastest-growing worker segment today.

Our workforce has also become more diverse and will continue to grow in diversity. More than ever before, diversity in gender, ethnicity, culture, religion and sexual preference is being brought to the table.

Total Employment Will Grow
Through 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that total U.S. employment will grow 7%.

The fastest growing field is health care, projected to increase 19%. Other fast-moving segments include computer, math and science at 9% and food and personal services at 9%. Slower growth is predicted for blue-collar and administrative jobs – 4% and 3%, respectively.

Man and Machine Will Unite
For decades now, some have predicted that the rise of the machine will mean a most-certain demise for mankind. But without humans, the machines that are feared to be mankind’s downfall won’t exist.

As we look at future workforce trends, we need to shift from a man vs. machine mentality to man with machine. The reality is that AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics are set to play a huge part across many industries and have already made their presence known in some job markets.

As we shared back in November, robotics-related job openings are expected to grow by almost a half-million positions by 2020. And the U.S. Department of Labor has labeled robotics engineers and technicians as “bright outlook” careers.

The Role of Staffing Agencies in our Future Workforce
The intricacies surrounding the workforce of tomorrow are clear. As demographics evolve and technology drives new and exciting job opportunities and growth, it’s likely that more companies will turn to staffing agencies to help them navigate the tricky waters.

Workforce recruitment and retainment is the most exciting – but the most complex – that it’s ever been. Not just for the reasons shared above, but because of other factors as well.

More workers are choosing to work part-time. Many want to work in a virtual employment setting. And they’re looking for job satisfaction beyond the paycheck. A staffing agency is well-equipped to help employers and candidates find exactly what they need for their unique situation.

Ready to take on the workforce of tomorrow? Give us a call. We can help you get started.