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5 Myths Job Seekers Have About Staffing Agencies

myths job seekers have


Searching for a job is a daunting task for many. But if you’ve recently found yourself out of work, or you’re yearning for a new opportunity with a different employer, the only way to land a new job is to look for one. This takes effort and a certain level of skill.

When the time comes to look for employment, many choose to take on their job search alone. Others choose to supplement their efforts with the help of a staffing agency, which can benefit their search greatly. But some job seekers refrain from using staffing agencies because they have preconceived notions about how they operate. Here are 5 of the most common myths job seekers have about staffing agencies.

Staffing agencies only offer part-time or temp work

One of the biggest myths out there is that staffing agencies only offer part-time or temp work. Not true! Yes, most agencies do offer contract or temporary assignments, but they also place individuals in a variety of other positions including long-term, direct hire, temp-to-hire and permanent positions. The more options that a staffing agency offers, the more opportunities their candidates have for finding employment.

Staffing agencies only hire for manual labor or administrative jobs

If you think staffing agencies only hire for manual labor or administrative assignments, think again. Most agencies work with clients that are looking to fill a variety of positions. These positions could include manufacturing, technology, healthcare…the list goes on. It’s important to note, though, that some agencies do have a niche they work in (perhaps IT, finance or creative). So just make sure that if you choose to work with a staffing agency, they do work in your field of interest.

The jobs available through a staffing agency are entry-level and don’t pay much

Another common myth about staffing agencies is that the jobs they offer are only entry-level and low-paying. Again, not true. Most agencies work with employers that need positions filled at different pay grades and different experience levels. You can expect to receive an hourly rate or salary that’s commensurate with your experience.

A staffing agency will take a cut of my paycheck

Many job seekers are under the impression that a staffing agency will take a cut of their paycheck. Don’t believe the hype! Naturally, staffing agencies get paid for the work they do, but it’s the employer that is paying a fee for having a worker placed with them. For candidates, there is no charge. In fact, a staffing agency can negotiate on behalf of a candidate, so she can earn more pay or additional perks.

I can’t get benefits or health insurance if I find work through a staffing agency

To attract the most qualified job candidates for both part-time and full-time assignments, many staffing agencies now offer benefits. In fact, the American Staffing Association says that virtually any temporary or contract employee (in addition to permanent/direct hire employees) who wants benefits can find a staffing firm that offers them. These benefits could include health insurance, vacation pay, holiday pay and retirement plans.

We hope this myth-busting story helps squash any doubts that you may have had about working with a staffing agency. If you’d like to get on the fast track to great employment in 2018, we can help! Contact one of our recruiting professionals today or browse our current job opportunities in Office & Professional and Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution.

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