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#JOBGOALS: How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

2018 job goals


According to the Statistic Brain Institute (yes, that’s a real thing), the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2017 were the following:

  1. Lose weight/healthier eating
  2. Life/self-improvements
  3. Better financial decisions
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Do more exciting things
  6. Spend more time with family/close friends
  7. Work out more often
  8. Learn something new on my own
  9. Do more good deeds for others
  10. Find the love of my life

So what came in at #11? Find a better job. Although it didn’t crack the top 10 list, finding a better job in the new year is something that’s probably on the minds of a lot of working people in these final weeks of 2017.

If you have new job goals for 2018, we salute you! Here are 4 steps to make 2018 your best work year yet.

Before you start searching for a new job, take a moment to reflect. Look at your current position as well as previous positions you’ve held. Think about what you liked and didn’t like about each job, and determine how those roles will influence the next phase of work you enter. Also think about how a new job will impact other aspects of your life, whether it be finances, relationships or personal growth and development. Take time to think about what’s most important to you, and then develop your action plan around your priorities.

Talk to any personal or career coach, and you’ll quickly find out the importance of goal setting. Goals allow you to plan and create your roadmap for success. They give you a starting point and allow you to focus more clearly on your desired outcome. Sometimes taking “baby steps” in your goal making can be helpful. Set up some smaller, easy-to-achieve goals that will help you reach your final destination. For example, one of your smaller goals could be to get out there and network. Reconnect with an old boss or a former colleague and let them know you’re in the market for a new job. Other smaller-scale goals could include refreshing your resume and updating your list of references. Once these goals are achieved, you’ll be motivated to keep moving and achieve your big goal.

Stand Out
Another great tip for making 2018 one of your best work years yet is to learn a ‘hip-pocket’ skill. What’s a hip-pocket skill? Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEO, says it’s something you’re known for being great at and can develop even more. In an interview with CNBC, Nooyi says, “People should look at you and say, ‘You know on this particular issue, the only person who can answer it or contribute to it is Dan.’” Your unique skill can make you more valuable and help you stand out from other job candidates.

Work Hard
In the wise words of inventor Thomas A. Edison, there is no substitute for hard work. The harder you work, the more success you’ll realize – whether it’s for your professional career, your health or your finances. So whatever you’re looking to achieve in 2018, work hard for it and you’ll eventually reap the rewards.