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5 Ways to Motivate Your Accounting/Finance Team this Tax Season

employee motivationAaaaahh yes… tax season. It will soon be that time of year when stress levels rise as businesses prepare to compile all the necessary paperwork to get their tax returns done. Most of the duties will fall on the shoulders of your accounting and finance teams. Here are some tips for keeping your A-team motivated and cool as a cucumber this tax season. Good luck!

Communicate Clearly.
Make sure that everyone who is involved in your mission has a good understanding of what needs to get done, and when it needs to get done by. Clear and open communication is critical. Mix it up and use the various channels you have at your disposal – in-person meetups, email, internal project management tools, and video conferencing if your team is dispersed across multiple locations.

Create a Zen Zone.
Try to have a designated space where team members can go to unwind and get some downtime. Offer up magazines, music, comfortable seating and maybe even some yoga mats or blankets for anyone who wants to stretch or take a power nap.

DO Feed the Animals.
Yes, tax time can seem like a zoo for your accounting and finance team. In this case, though, DO feed the zoo animals! Provide food and drinks to keep everyone productive – especially when they’re putting in extra hours by coming in early or staying late.

Remove Obstacles.
Make sure any potential obstacles are removed from the work flow. Technology should be up and running – think about having someone from your IT staff on hand before/after hours to help with any technical issues that could arise. Make sure all other internal systems are running smoothly 24/7 – from photocopiers and lighting to air conditioning and heating systems.

Celebrate Accomplishments.
Rewarding employees for the big and small wins they achieve during tax season can help get everyone through the taxing times (ah hem) with an extra ounce of motivation and pride. Recognize their accomplishments as simply (email shout out) or as extravagantly (gift cards or new BMW?) as you like.

How do you keep your employees motivated during stressful times? Share your ideas with us!