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How to Get Out of Your Job Rut

job rut

Not digging your job these days? Think you might be in a job rut? Most everyone has experienced the feeling at least once or twice in their career. Sometimes it’s a temporary thing, but sometimes it’s serious enough to take an earnest look at your situation and see what you can do to make it better. It could mean it’s time for a new job, or maybe it’s just time to switch things up a bit with your current job.

There are some tell-tale signs that suggest a person is in job rut. Career coach and psychotherapist MP Patel says some of the most common signs can be boredom, fear, or a case of the Sunday Night Blues – that feeling of anxiety and stress that some people get as the new work week is on the horizon. Some other signs of a career rut include constant unhappiness at work that lingers for months; the feeling that everything about your job is daunting and painful; or the sense that the job outcomes you’re working towards are meaningless.

Good news alert – there are lots of ways you can break free from your work rut! Consider these 5 tips and you could be on your way to greater job satisfaction.

Talk with Others
Reach out to friends, family and colleagues for advice. Did they ever have a similar experience in their own jobs? How did they deal with it? Maybe they decided to leave their job and take on a new opportunity. If they did, was the grass indeed greener on the other side? Don’t hesitate to pick the brains of people you respect. Their insight can make a difference.

Look Within
Facing a work rut could mean it’s time to look within and take assessment of your feelings. Are you truly in the best work role for your skills and interests? Do you feel your current employer can help you reach your long-term goals? Is the company culture a good fit for your personal values? These can be tough questions to ponder, but worth taking the time to answer. 

Fix What You Can
Maybe a new job isn’t the solution to getting out of your job rut. Perhaps all you need to do is look at your current position and figure out what you can do differently to make it better. Talk to your colleagues or manager about taking on new tasks that you know you’ll enjoy. If you’re feeling bored, find ways to expand your current role with additional responsibilities that will bring new life to your daily routine.

Improve Your Mental/Physical State
It’s easy to push your own mental and physical health down the priority scale when life is going 1,000 miles an hour. But it’s a fact that focusing on your personal wellbeing can make life better – in and out of the office. Stay healthy through diet and exercise. Take walks at work to clear your mind when stress starts to build. And take advantage of wellness programs at work if they’re offered.

Explore New Avenues
If you’ve ever thought that a completely different career path could help you break free of your job rut, then explore some different paths. Seek out volunteer opportunities or enroll in a class that teaches a new skill or hobby. You can also connect with a career coach or staffing agency that can help you better assess your interests and long-term job goals. A staffing agency can even help you find temporary work opportunities, so you can take a test run before committing to a new career focus.

If you’re facing a work rut that you just can’t seem to shake, it could be time for a new job. The experts at A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists can help guide you in the right direction. Contact us today to get the conversation started.