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How to Make Your Move from Temp to Direct Employee

temp-to-hireIn recent years, the use of temporary employees in the U.S. workforce has jumped considerably. According to the American Staffing Association, more than 3 million temporary and contract employees work for U.S. staffing agencies in an average week. And with this increase in temporary work in recent years comes an increase in the number of temporary positions that lead to permanent job opportunities.

ASA reports that more than one-third of temporary workers end up getting offered a permanent job opportunity from an employer that they worked for on assignment. This is great news for individuals who take on temporary work assignments with the hopes they will land a permanent position.

Follow these tips for making a successful move from a temp to direct employee:

Only apply for temp to full-time work opportunities
If you’re independently conducting your job search, try to apply for temp-to-hire opportunities. In a temp-to-hire position, it is intended for the person to be hired for permanent placement after a probationary review period.

If you’re working with a staffing agency, they’ll guide you to the best temp-to-hire work opportunities and should shy away from presenting short-term work that has little potential of leading to a permanent position. Short-term positions provide interim employment; sometimes the individual is hired for permanent work but that’s not the intention from the start.

Rock your temp assignment
Treat your temporary assignment like it’s a permanent job. Rock it! Show off your skills, be enthusiastic, be helpful. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and present yourself as a team player who is flexible and willing to work with others to achieve department goals and support the company’s mission.

Follow company culture
Speaking of a company’s mission, a company’s culture is another important aspect of any organization, whether large or small. While at your temporary assignment, get to know the culture of your employer. If it’s a good fit with your own values and interests, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy becoming a permanent part of their workforce.

Expand your skills
If you have any opportunities to expand your skills and learn about other parts of the company, do it! This shows the employer that you have a genuine interest in them. Take the initiative and show that you’re willing to step up and learn something new for the good of the organization. 

Build advocates
It’s important to have advocates on your side who know you’re interested in making your temporary job a permanent one. Make connections throughout the company who can serve as references and put a good word in for you. And speak up! Let people know what your goal is and ask them to keep an ear to the pavement for any permanent opportunities that would be a good match with your skills.

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