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Top 10 Qualities of Good CT Staffing Agencies

good CT staffing agenciesWhat are the top traits of good CT staffing agencies? Better yet, what are the top traits of great CT staffing agencies? Here’s our top 10 list in no particular order (because they’re all important!)

#1 – Experience
For both CT employers and job seekers, it’s important to partner with a CT staffing agency that has lots of experience in successfully matching employers with candidates. There are many ways you can gauge how seasoned the agency is. First, talk to others in the industry and find out what kind of reputation they have. Find out how many years the agency has been in business. Ask about the experience of their staffing specialists – do they have proven track records? Ask how many people they employ and place on an annual basis.

#2 – Longevity
It’s important to work with a staffing agency that has been around the block, so to speak, and has seen a thing or two. Finding an agency with low employee turnover is a good indication that their staff has developed long-term, solid relationships with the employers they do business with. This is important for job candidates and can increase their chances of landing successful employment.

#3 – Diversified Services
Choosing to work with a CT staffing agency that has a diverse offering of staffing services can be beneficial to both employers and job candidates. Employers can rely on the agency to help them fill a variety of employment needs – from direct hire and permanent positions to contract or temp-to-hire opportunities. If candidates are unsure of what they’re looking for when it comes to a job, the agency can offer them a range of options to consider until they find the match that’s best for them.

#4 – Specialized Services
A staffing agency that has specialized service groups can be a winning formula for employers or candidates interested in employment for a specific market. The agency will have dedicated specialists who understand the unique needs of various markets and are experienced in hiring talent for them – markets such as industrial, manufacturing, administrative or technology.

#5 – Resources
When it comes to successful staffing, using a wide range of resources is a must. Good staffing agencies are not merely relying on job boards to advertise job postings or attract job candidates. If they are, you don’t want anything to do with them. A good agency will have an extensive database of candidates they can tap into when filling various positions. And they’ll also leverage other resources like pre-employment screenings and skill and behavioral assessments to ensure their job placements will be successful ones.

#6 – Process
The processes that a staffing agency has in place for running their business says a lot about the kind of organization they are. Employers should look for a staffing agency that has an in-depth candidate screening process that includes reference and employment verifications. Background checks and drug testing should also be part of their screening process. Job candidates should look for an agency that gets to know you on a personal level, so they can effectively match a candidate’s personal talents with the appropriate company culture and job requirements.

#7 – Personal Attention
Selecting a staffing agency that takes a highly-personalized approach to doing business is perhaps the most important thing an employer or job candidate can do when deciding on a staffing partner. A personal approach means the agency will conduct onsite interviews with the employer to get a good understanding of their business philosophy, culture and hiring needs. It also means the agency will have in-person, one-on-one interviews with their job candidates so they can thoroughly discuss their employment goals, understand their skills and strengths and answer any questions they have.

#8 – Communication
Good communication at all stages of the agency/employer/candidate relationship is critical. It should be timely, detailed and always keep the employer and job candidate informed on key aspects of the hiring process – pre-screenings, resume reviews, skills assessment, interviews, references and background checks, hiring and onboarding.

#9 – Transparency
A good CT staffing agency will focus on transparency in their day-to-day operations. There should be no secrets when it comes to the hiring process! Information regarding contract reviews, verifications, payroll/benefits, etc. should be openly discussed so there are zero surprises.

#10 – Passion
A staffing agency with passion for the business will ultimately benefit the employers and job candidates they do business with. Their passion will positively impact everything they do, will keep staff motivated, and will keep the agency striving for continuous improvement.

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