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3 Reasons Why Candidate Skill Assessments Are Important

candidate skill assessmentsMany employers use candidate skill assessments as part of their pre-employment screening process, and with good reason. Actually here are three good reasons:

Pre-employment skill assessments can be used to evaluate a candidate’s skill level in many different categories. There are a multitude (ok, there are tons) of tests available for employers to use in order to better quality their candidates – from knowledge and work skill assessments to physical capabilities, to personality and emotional intelligence. When it comes to a candidate taking and submitting the assessment, there are more options today than ever before that make it very easy for the assessment to happen. Online assessment tools are of course becoming more popular. Some employers may require the online testing to be taken onsite, but some may allow candidates to take an assessment from the convenience of their own home, depending on the type of assessment being taken.

Skill assessments make the candidate screening process more efficient. Simply put, pre-employment candidate skill assessments save valuable time for employers. Assessments will help them quickly identify which candidates are qualified for the job, and which ones are not. This cuts down the candidate pool and helps an employer focus their efforts only on those individuals who are best qualified for the job.

Assessments can help decrease turnover. When candidates are properly vetted during the pre-employment process, good things happen. Only the most qualified candidates continue on to the hiring phase, and in the long run employee turnover decreases.

If your company manages your hiring process in-house, but you lack the time or resources to implement effective pre-employment candidate skill assessments, a qualified staffing agency can help. A.R. Mazzotta offers a wide range of interactive assessments to evaluate a candidate’s skill level in many different categories, including call center/customer service, clerical, financial, healthcare, legal, technical, industrial and behavioral.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Contact A.R. Mazzotta and choose from our extensive menu of assessments.
  1. Our team will administer the assessments, which can be done at a company workstation, scheduled at one of our four CT offices, or emailed to the candidate.
  1. A.R. Mazzotta will evaluate and compile the assessment score and help determine if you’re making a successful hire.

In addition to our candidate skill assessments, we’re always expanding our online training services. Our team offers training for many popular software programs including Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook, as well as QuickBooks. Once training is completed, employees are evaluated and test scores are reviewed to determine if more training is needed.

Leave your candidate skill assessments to the experts – contact us today and we’ll get you started.