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7 Ways to Keep Employee Productivity High in the Summer

Vector illustration of abstract team work concept with cog wheels on whiteIn honor of Summer Solstice 2016, we’re continuing on with another summer-related post. Last week, we talked about how to keep workers safe from heat-related work stress that can become especially dangerous in the summer. Next, let’s talk about how employers can keep workers motivated on the job during the lazy days of summer, when visions of vacation and July BBQs are likely to be dancing in their heads.

There are lots of ways employers can change things up and add some fun to the summer workload and keep employee productivity high. Here’s are 7 of our favorites:

Summer Hours
Add flex time to your company’s business hours by offering up summer hours. This could mean closing up shop a few hours early on a Friday, or having four 10-hour work days during the summer months.

Dogs Days of Summer
If employee pets aren’t typically allowed at the office, change up the policy and allow employees to bring their pet to work once or twice a week in the summer.

Happy Hour
Plan an after-work happy hour where employees can let off some steam. Have the get-together at a local establishment that offers an outside deck or summer entertainment.

Take It Outside
Taking business outside can do wonders for employee productivity. Hold meetings outside, take a team walk or plan a picnic and ask employees to bring their favorite food dish.

Team Building Event
Host a team building event to help boost morale and get the team re-energized and re-focused.

Community Service
Getting employees together to volunteer their time for a community service project is another great way to encourage team-building and keep motivation high. Let the employees choose what kind of community outreach they want to do.

Run a summer contest at the office. Give away tickets to concerts, amusement parks, sporting events or local outdoor festivals.

What kind of summer fun has your organization done to keep employee productivity high? Share below!