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Staffing 101 from A.R. Mazzotta

The word Learn written on a chalkboardIf you’re new to the world of staffing – whether you are on the hiring side or the job seeking side of the business – there are a few industry terms you’ll want to familiarize yourself with as you begin your journey. So welcome to Staffing 101 from A.R. Mazzotta! We’ve pulled together a short list of common staffing terms for you to keep handy.

Candidate: an individual who is seeking employment is known as a candidate, or job seeker. With the help of a staffing firm, a candidate can seek out different types of employment in just about any industry you can think of. The type of employment can be full-time, part-time, temporary or permanent.

Employer: a company or organization of any size (public or private) that is looking to attract and retain employees to work there. Many employers seek out a staffing firm to help them recruit the employees they need.

Staffing Firm: a staffing firm or staffing agency is an organization that matches employers to candidates. There are many different kinds of staffing firms – some focus on a particular industry (like IT, accounting or advertising/marketing) while others focus on a certain type of employment like temporary, contract or long-term career placement. A.R. Mazzotta is considered a full-service staffing firm. This means we staff a variety of candidates for temporary, direct hire and temp-to-hire employment. And our expertise is across various industries including clerical, accounting, sales, IT, customer service and manufacturing.

Staffing Specialist: staffing specialists are referred to as a recruiting specialists or recruiting professionals. They’re employed by staffing firms and their role is to scout and hire new employees for the employers that work with their firm. At A.R. Mazzotta, many of our staffing specialists have over 20 years of experience and have been with our organization for over a decade.

Job Placement: in the staffing world, job placement is the process of finding suitable employment for an individual – whether it’s full-time or part-time, contract or long-term.

Temporary/Contract Jobs: temp or contract employment means that a candidate is hired for a specified amount of time based on the employer’s needs. For the employee, this kind of work scenario offers flexibility and variety and often opens the door to connecting them with new employers and great opportunities. For the employer, it’s a great way to manage peak production periods, reduce overtime or ease the burden of a busy workload.

Temporary Employee: a temp employee is an employee who is hired to work for a fixed amount of time. Because of the ever-evolving employment landscape, more and more people are choosing temporary or contract employment over traditional 9-to-5 work.

Temp-to-Hire: for employees, temp-to-hire work combines the advantages of contract jobs with full-time employment. It gives the employee and employer a chance to determine if the working relationship is the right fit for both parties. For employers, a temp-to-hire staffing solution allows them to evaluate a candidate’s job performance while the employee is on the staffing firm’s payroll. They can evaluate the temp worker’s work ethic and make sure the worker is a good long-term fit for their organization.

Direct Hire: a direct hire is a candidate who is recruited by a staffing firm and is then employed directly by the hiring organization. The candidate is put directly on the employer payroll, not the staffing firm payroll. Employers will often reach out to staffing firms for direct hire services because firms can offer more in-depth and customized recruiting that will lead to finding a placement faster and with more long-term success.

If you’re a CT employer looking for some new and improved staffing solutions, or you’re a candidate who is struggling to find suitable employment in CT, give us a shout. Our experienced team is located in four offices throughout CT and we are here to help make 2016 your best year yet!