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Tips for Replacing Summer Workers

9-8Summer is just about here and gone. How did THAT happen? Many companies rely on seasonal workers or interns to help keep operations moving at full throttle during the summer months. But what happens when those workers return to college or their other work/life commitments and you still need the extra hands to get all the work done?

Here are three tips for replacing summer workers:

Connect with those re-entering the workforce.
Think about certain demographic audiences that might be looking to enter the workforce now that summer is over – perhaps moms or dads who are looking to re-gain employment after taking time off to be with their little ones. Or college grads who took time off over the summer before jumping into their job search. Or retirees who have decided that a slower pace of life just isn’t their cup of tea, so they’re re-entering the working world.

Work with a staffing firm.
Working with a staffing firm to replace summer workers can be a smart decision. They’ll help free up your time and can work through the hiring process much more quickly than you may be able to – screening the best candidates, conducting interviews, checking references and sending out the job offer. Boom! That was easy.

Plan ahead.
Don’t be left hanging when your seasonal workers ride off into the sunset. If you know that several of your employees will be leaving when summer comes to an end, then plan for their departure in advance. Have an action plan and stick to it – whether it’s hiring on your own or using a staffing agency.

If you’ll soon be looking to replace summer workers (or already have a need), contact A.R. Mazzotta. Our recruiting specialists are always here to help! We recently opened our fourth CT office – located in Watertown – and will recruit the best and brightest CT talent for your organization.