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5 Signs It Might Be Time to Fire an Employee

Young man in the office packing up after being firedThere’s no doubt that employees – even managers – have bad days every now and then. You might argue with a colleague, be late for work, or simply make a mistake – big or small. It happens because nobody’s perfect.

But there are those employees who can do more harm than good for your organization. And if their poor work ethic or bad behavior is an ongoing problem, it might be time to hand them their walking papers.

Here are 5 signs it might be time to fire an employee:

  1. Can’t Adapt to Change. One thing’s for certain in the working world – there will always be changes of all shapes and sizes. Employees who are resistant to change can be a danger to an organization. They can affect employee morale or can be so inflexible that it affects their performance for the worse.
  1. Absenteeism. Employees can’t get their work done if they don’t show up. Excessive absenteeism can be a sign of problems happening outside of work. Or it could be a sign that your employee just doesn’t care about his job. Either way, not showing up for work is possible grounds for dismissal.
  1. Stirring the Pot. Have an employee that likes to create drama or tension among colleagues? Then it’s time to take hold of the situation and figure out just what kind of trouble the employee is causing. If it’s significant, it might be time to let him go.
  1. Laziness. A lazy employee is an unproductive employee. And no employee has time to sit around idle with nothing to do. Laziness can be contagious as well – don’t let their sluggish ways rub off on other members of the team.
  1. Lying. If you think an employee is lying about something, keep your eyes and ears wide open. Small lies can lead to big lies, which can lead to big problems. If an employee lies, there should be consequences. And getting fired could be one of them.

What are some other reasons for firing an employee? Share them with us. And if you had to recently let an employee go and are searching for new candidates to fill their shoes, we can help. Learn more about our Direct Hire Recruiting services.