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Help Your Employees Avoid Workplace Burnout

Employee burnout. Many employers agree it’s a serious workplace issue that leads to poor productivity, lost profits and high staff turnover. And the best remedy for dealing with employee burnout is to prevent it from happening in the first place.A libra with the red word burnout

A recent article in the Washington Post featured some highly clever, unusual ways that employers are helping combat employee burnout – from free housekeeping and chef-catered meals to disappearing desks. If you’re not quite ready to embrace such progressive tactics, but you want to avoid workplace burnout, follow these 6 important steps.

Communicate – Keep open lines of communication between you and your employees. Listen to their concerns and act accordingly, and acknowledge and celebrate their successes – personal and professional.

Be flexible – Workplace flexibility is becoming more important across many industries and job roles, and it’s often the key to a more successful company. Re-evaluate project deadlines and schedules when needed, and be open to new ideas and suggestions from employees.

Ready your staff – Give your employees what they need to do their job well – whether it’s job training, the appropriate technology for their position, or a comfortable and motivating work space.

Get healthy – Partner with a local hospital or wellness facility to offer educational programs about diet, exercise and healthy living.

Encourage time off – Let employees know that time away from the office is a good thing. Encourage it and remind staff to use their paid time off.

Have some fun – Set aside time for a little fun. This can be accomplished in many ways – through an offsite team building event, community volunteering, or a friendly office competition.

If you’d like more expert advice on preventing employee burnout and creating a productive, positive work place for your employees, give the A.R. Mazzotta team a call. We’re here and happy to talk with you any time.