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How to Stay Productive Through the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and it’s quite possible that visions of sugarplums (not that end-of-year report) are dancing in your head. So how can you stay focused and productive when there are more distractions than usual?arm-stay-productive-through-holidays

Make a List. Check it Twice.
If you have tasks and projects to complete before Dec 31 rolls around, write them down. Having a list of your to-do’s keeps you focused and helps you prioritize. If you’re feeling extra productive, start working on your 2015 list.

Clean Your Office Space
If you find yourself with a little bit of downtime over the next few weeks, clean up your work space. It’s amazing how great a clutter-free office can make you feel. So organize those emails and throw out some of that old paperwork. You’ll be glad you did.

Take a Walk
Feeling unproductive? Take a short walk, even if it’s for 5 or 10 minutes. Walking can help clear your mind and boost your energy level.

Watch Your Holiday Food Intake
Partaking in too much holiday office grub can give you a serious case of the blah-humbugs. Don’t overindulge in the sugary, fatty foods that are making the rounds. They’ll drag down your productivity and can leave you feeling crummy. Keep some energy-boosting foods on hand, like fresh fruit or nuts.

Play Some Tunes
There are many reports out there saying music improves productivity. There are even apps and music-playing services – such as Focus@Will – that deliver music channels scientifically designed to increase your focus and attention span. Try one out for yourself.

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