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Hire Smarter. Faster. Professional Recruiting in CT

Hiring great people can be costly. Frustrating. Time-consuming. And with experts estimating the cost of a bad hire at three to seven times that person’s salary, it’s critical to get it right the first time.

The good news? You don’t have to tackle the process alone. A professional staffing or recruiting agency like A.R. Mazzotta can dramatically improve hiring results, providing quick and cost-effective connections to the talented candidates you are searching for.

We can help you:

Hire more quickly. Immediate placement required? Put our comprehensive candidate database to work for you. We can quickly pinpoint pre-screened candidates who fit your requirements, shortening your time-to-hire.

Access a broader talent network. We employ a variety of recruiting strategies (including recruiting directly from your competitors) and maintain extensive candidate networks (both active and passive) to ensure we can deliver people with the skills, experience and personality traits you’re seeking.

Reclaim more time. Our professionally trained recruiters can write and post job descriptions, screen resumes, conduct initial interviews, and perform background checks on your behalf. You see only the top candidates who meet your hiring requirements, which frees you and your team to focus on other important tasks.

Save money. In addition to saving HR time, we can reduce your advertising costs, legal fees, position vacancy costs, and the cost of a bad or rushed hire. You pay a one-time fee, only if you choose to hire a candidate we provide.

Recruit confidentially. When your search is sensitive, such as when a key employee needs to be replaced, we maintain strict confidentiality while recruiting on your behalf. We also represent candidates anonymously, which entices passive job seekers to consider your opportunities. Anonymous representation allows them to investigate your position and complete necessary screening without putting their current job in jeopardy.

Reduce hiring risks. Increase hiring success by interviewing only those candidates who have already been screened, interviewed, and had a background check performed – before they ever walk through your door.  Best of all, we guarantee our results.

Ensure compliance. We understand federal and CT hiring laws, and we use this knowledge to keep your company compliant and ensure legal hiring practices are followed.

A professional CT staffing firm like A.R. Mazzotta can help you find better talent, often more quickly than you could on your own. Plus, with our direct hire services, you only pay a fee if you hire one of the candidates we refer. We give you the advantage you need to hire smarter, faster and with fewer headaches.