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Second Chances: Should you reapply to an employer?

Persistence is one of the most important personal attributes you need for a successful job search. As you probably realize, you may have to “pick yourself up and dust yourself off” multiple times before finding the job of your dreams.

But should you reapply to an employer that’s already turned you down once?

Maybe! If you thought you were a great fit – and you really wanted the job – it may be worth your time and energy to reapply.

So don’t get discouraged. Get to it! Use these guidelines and tips from A.R. Mazzotta to go about it the right way:

Before You Reapply

  • Adopt a healthy mindset. Realize that being rejected once isn’t necessarily the end of the road for you. Situations and circumstances may be different from the first time you applied. You may have gained valuable work experience in the interim, or there may have been changes within the company that could improve your chances of being hired.
  • Determine why you were turned down the first time. Contact the employer to find out exactly why you were rejected. Was it lack of experience? Did you apply too late? If contacting the hiring decision maker is not possible, examine your own application package with a critical eye. Figure out if you really had the experience, adequately customized your application to the available job, and position yourself in the right way.
  • Make the necessary adjustments. Change your resume to include your newly acquired experience, address the job’s key requirements, and really speak the employer’s language. Use your cover letter to explain how and why you’re an even better candidate this time around.

Wait Three to Six Months

Resist the temptation to reapply immediately. Experts recommend waiting at least three to six month before applying for any other position with the employer. Most importantly, don’t reapply to the same position unless you believe you’re a better fit for the job now.

When You Reapply

  • Adjust your application materials to reflect your improved suitability for the position. In your cover letter, highlight how you’ve grown and what you’ve accomplished.
  • Modify your keywords and title heading, so your application doesn’t look like an exact duplicate.
  • If you’re applying for a different position this time around, make sure you’re a great fit for the job. Get some information from a trusted source (either inside or outside the company) to help present yourself in the best light – and avoid appearing desperate.
  • If at any point during the process you’re asked if you’ve applied before, be honest and focus on the positives. Instead of saying, “I was rejected before,” say, “I’ve recently gained some great experience that makes me an even stronger candidate this time around.”

When it comes to finding the best jobs in Connecticut, a little persistence can go a long way. And so can registering with A.R. Mazzotta! We have strong relationships with the state’s leading employers and can fast-track your job search. Check out our available temporary assignments and direct positions.