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How to Thrive as the "New Guy"

What will the work environment be like?

How will I mesh with my new team mates?

What will my supervisor think of me?

How will I fit in?

Whether you’re starting a new assignment or full-time job, it’s tough being the “new kid on the block.” You obviously want to succeed in your new role, but success is not guaranteed just because you’re nice, talented or friends with any of your new co-workers.

We can help! Use these tips from A.R. Mazzotta to manage the initial awkwardness that comes with starting a new job – and thrive as the new guy:

  • Dress the part. Like it or not, your clothes influence the way your managers and co-workers perceive you. Make a great impression by dressing appropriately for your job, or one notch above.
  • Study the corporate culture. By simply observing, you can learn a lot about how the company operates – and how you can fit in. From the moment you walk through the door, take mental notes on how others interact, dress and maintain their work spaces. Find out who the most successful people in the organization are, and take your cues from them.
  • Get to know your team. Make a point of learning co-workers’ and supervisors’ names as quickly as possible. Gradually build relationships with new team members by asking neutral questions about their jobs and/or outside interests (be careful not to get too personal too quickly). If the position is direct, attend after-work social events or participate in volunteer opportunities to get to know colleagues better.
  • If you finish your work, ask for more. Take initiative and you’ll earn a reputation as a hard worker.
  • Find ways to assert yourself – without pushing too hard. Ultimately, you want leaders to view you as a critical asset and team members to see you as a positive contributor (but not a threat). Do your best work, but don’t try too hard to be sweet or overly enthusiastic. Your co-workers and superiors will see right through you. Be true to yourself and you’ll be more confident, which is a naturally attractive quality.
  • Avoid office politics. Establish yourself as a positive employee who is not part of the rumor mill. For short-term assignments, it’s best to steer clear of these dynamics completely. But if you’re on a long-term assignment or have accepted a direct position: compliment – don’t criticize; disagree without being disrespectful; stay above gossip by not spreading rumors.
  • Even if the assignment is temporary, treat it as if it’s a permanent job. Perform with the same enthusiasm and commitment you’d give to a full-time job. You never know where the opportunity may lead!

Being the new guy isn’t easy – but a great attitude, hard work and some common sense can go a long way in ensuring that you’re welcomed, respected and successful in your new role.

Ready for a new challenge?

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