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Show You Have the "Soft Skills" Today's CT Employers Want

You have the right experience.  You have the right skills.  And you performed really well in your interview.

So why didn’t you get the job?

It may be because you didn’t adequately sell your “soft skills.”

Believe it or not, cultural (or “soft skills”) fit is an important factor when it comes to landing a job. If an interviewer doesn’t like you, or if he doesn’t see you as a good fit with current employees, he may rule you out as a candidate.

Use this as an opportunity for you to separate yourself from the crowd!

In your next interview, don’t be another me-too candidate who describes himself as a “team player with excellent communication skills.”  Skip the cliches, and find more vivid, memorable ways to communicate your soft skills:

Plan ahead.  Learn everything you can about the company’s mission, vision and corporate culture.  Study the position description, looking for clues about the types of skills needed to interact effectively with others in this role.  Compile a list of the top four or five soft skills required.  Then, think back through your professional career to find evidence that demonstrates you possess those skills.

Use a three-step process.  Rather than just reeling off a long list of soft skills in your interview, use anecdotes and experiences that clearly demonstrate them.  Experts recommend that you:

  1. Briefly describe the situation.
  2. Tell what you did specifically.
  3. Explain the positive result or outcome.

Don’t fake it to land the job.  Stay true to yourself – and your natural personality style – when selling your soft skills.  In the long run, you’ll need to actually demonstrate the skills to which you’ve laid claim.  Misrepresenting your soft skills in the interview could eventually cost you the job.

To prepare for your next interview, practice answers to this list of common soft skills questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Tell me about a time when you did more than was required of you on the job.
  3. Why did you leave your last job?
  4. Do you consider yourself successful?
  5. How do you plan your work week?
  6. Why should we hire you?
  7. Why do you want to work for this organization?

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