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In a Job Search Slump? Tips to Diagnose and Fix the Problem

It happens to the best of us.

You put forth a heroic effort to find a job in Connecticut, but to no avail.  Despite applying for multiple jobs online, diligently conducting informational interviews, expanding your professional networks (both in-person and online) and distributing your résumé to countless friends and associates, you still haven’t found the right job.

At a time like this, it’s normal for your confidence to be replaced by self doubt, frustration and a sense of the blues.  But it’s not an excuse to stop looking.

If you’re in a job search slump, it’s time to critically examine your strategy.  Here is a list of common “symptoms” of an ailing job search – and the cures to get yourself back on track:

Symptom #1:  Not enough job leads.

If you simply can’t find jobs to apply for, your focus may be a bit too narrow.  Make sure you focus on a field that is relevant (e.g., it may be time to get out of typewriter sales) and prevalent in your geographic area (e.g., if you’re a deep-sea fisherman, Missouri is not the state for you).

Alternately, you may not be looking in the right places for your job leads.  Job boards are certainly a logical place to start looking for work, but they shouldn’t be your only source.  Target the “hidden job market” – jobs that aren’t advertised – by enlisting the help of friends, former co-workers, your alumni network, other professional contacts – and of course, by registering with A.R. Mazzotta.  As a leading employment agency in Connecticut, we fill countless positions that never even make it onto a single job board or classifieds page.

Symptom #2:  Not landing interviews, despite sending résumé.

Read this blog post to make sure that your résumé is up to today’s tough standards.  At a minimum, customize your résumé for each position so that your skills and experience closely reflect the job requirements.

If you fear your résumé is simply getting lost in a sea of competition, call the company directly to find out who the hiring manager is.  If possible, use your contacts within the company to obtain an introduction and advance your candidacy.  Don’t have any contacts there?  That’s okay.  With a little research and phone work, you may be able to get the name of the hiring manager and mail a copy of your résumé directly to him.

Symptom #3:  Interviews don’t lead to call-backs or job offers.

Your interviewing skills may be to blame.  In any interview, it’s critical to make a connection with the potential employer and sell your value.  Make sure your answers are focused and highlight professional accomplishments relevant to the questions you’re asked.

Of course, the best way to improve your interview skills is through practice.  Rehearse the answers to common interview questions with a trusted friend, and use these interview tips from A.R. Mazzotta to make a great first impression.

Get Your Job Search Back on Track with A.R. Mazzotta

If your job search has stalled, don’t get discouraged – get back on track with A.R. Mazzotta.  We’ll listen to your needs, learn about your skills and experience, and then present you with work opportunities that are a perfect match for you.  Contact us today to learn more about jobs in Connecticut.