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Employee Supervision: Stay Approachable to Keep Your Staff Happy and Productive

Complaints.  Conflicts.  Crises.

As managers, we all have days when we want to just close the office doors and shut ourselves off from our employees.  But as tempting as it may sound, adopting a “do not disturb” management style comes at a price.  Over time, isolating yourself from your staff can lead to disconnected and resentful employees, lowered productivity and a toxic corporate culture.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid management pitfalls like these by staying approachable.  Use the following quick tips to keep your team happy, motivated and working for you:

  • Leave your door open.

    A manager who does most of his or her work behind closed doors can leave employees feeling alienated and cut-off.  So whenever possible, try to keep your office door wide open whenever possible.  While it may increase potential distractions, an open door also sends the clear – and essential – message that you’re there for your staff when they need you.

  • Chat up your staff.

    Create an environment where workers feel you take an interest in them beyond the work they do.  A simple “Good morning, how was your weekend?” will make employees feel like you care.  If they believe you care, they’ll reward you with more respect and perform better for you.

  • Set your employees up for success.

    As much as possible, give staff members sufficient lead-time to complete projects or tasks.  Ensure that all assignments are explained carefully.  Specify what needs to be done, by whom and within what time frame.  Make yourself available for guidance when needed, and answer employees’ questions in a way that will help them accomplish the goals you have set for them.

  • Don’t punish the messenger.

    It’s easy for employees to share good news with you.  But to succeed as a manager, you need to know the good, as well as the bad and the ugly.  Make sure your staff members know that they can come to you with potential problems or suggestions on how to improve their processes.  Show them you realize that because they’re the ones on the front lines, doing the day-to-day work, their perspective and insights are invaluable.

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