Where Have All The Candidates Gone In Connecticut?

Where have all the candidates gone

If you’ve been searching for quality job candidates, you are likely facing the struggle many employers in Connecticut face. You’ve created the job posting, written a tailored job description, and posted it everywhere you can think of–only to be met with a small handful of applications, none of which are suitable for the position. This […]

Can A Direct Hire Recruiter Help Your Connecticut Company Save Money

direct hire recruiting

The hiring process has drastically changed over the last ten years. It’s become extremely intensive, costly, and over-convoluted. Yet in order for your Connecticut business to grow, you need to bring on new talent. This can feel like one of the most daunting tasks when running a business, which is why many companies end up […]

Workforce Planning – Why Flexibility is Your Friend During Uncertain Times

Currently, the economic landscape is creating challenges for companies in nearly every industry. Climbing interest rates, rising inflation, and fears of a recession make planning for the future daunting. This is particularly true when it comes to workforce planning.  Many businesses are short-staffed, but they’re also hesitant to bring on permanent employees during uncertain times […]