Are You Afraid of the Direct Hire Fee?

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A direct hire is when a company brings a candidate in on their payroll instead of the staffing agency’s payroll, as in contract and contract to hire. The staffing agency sources and fully vets the candidate, schedules the interview(s) and facilitates the process.  The staffing agency is then paid a percentage of the annual salary, […]

New Year, New You! 5 Signs You’re Stuck in a Dead-End Job

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Happy New Year! The new year is a time for self-reflection and change. If you’re not happy at work, it might be time to change things up. Are you bored or distracted? Is it time to gather your self-discipline and focus your efforts or is it time to pursue a new challenge elsewhere? It’s a […]

6 Ways to Boost Employee Morale in January

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January’s not an easy time to get excited about anything. It’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s tempting to stay in your warm, cozy bed instead of heading out to work each morning. As a manager, it’s tough to inspire your employees in the winter, but if they’re not at least reasonably excited about their jobs, […]

How to Prepare for Your First Day on the Job

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A new job is exciting! It’s your chance to start anew and embark on a new challenge that can advance your career. Don’t mess that up by being unprepared. As you lead up to the big first day, take some time to complete paperwork, plan your wardrobe, practice your commute, figure out your new schedule, […]

How to Bridge the Age Gap in Your Office

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Bridging an age gap might not seem like it should be a priority for your company, but the truth is that it absolutely should for several reasons. First, technology has evolved so rapidly that people are communicating differently than they were in years past. Now people use text, Voxer, Google Docs, and Slack nowadays, which […]

Do These Breathing Exercises for Better Work Performance

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The proper breathing can make a big difference in your physical performance, your stress levels, and your concentration. After all, we breathe in and out all day long, but most of us don’t do it right. Breathing correctly means making sure all parts of your body—your muscles, organs, and brain—are supplied with enough oxygen, and […]

Is December the Best Time to Find a New Job?

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December’s a great month for a lot of things—buying a new car, avoiding relatives you don’t like, spending too much money, and overeating at holiday parties. But did you also know it’s a great time to find a new job? Counterintuitive, we know. It’s tempting to put off your job search until the New Year. […]

7 Ways to Give Back to Your Employees

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November is a great time to show your appreciation and gratitude for all the good things in your life. And that includes your employees! After all, your employees are your most valuable asset. Without them, your company wouldn’t be able to accomplish goals.  And good employees are really tough to replace. So, show them you […]

A.R. Mazzotta’s Annual Matching Campaign

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A. R. Mazzotta partners with united way

Taking care of one another builds stronger and healthier communities. Supporting the United Way is a longtime tradition at A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists.  In fact, it was a favorite cause of the late Arlene R. Mazzotta, founder of the company. “We’re proud to carry the tradition forward through our Annual Matching Campaign”, states Laura Pedersen, […]