You Hired the Wrong Person. Now What? 

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Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. And sometimes it’s almost impossible to avoid – no matter how thoroughly you checked references, how many personality tests you did, and how many times you interviewed your candidate, you still ended up with a dud employee. Whether it’s because they’re missing deadlines, not meshing with […]

Congratulations Are In Order!

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  A.R. Mazzotta is pleased to announce the promotion of Teresa Pagán to Regional Manager. She previously held the role of Recruiting Manager. As Regional Manager, Teresa provides leadership for our company’s daily operations – directing and coordinating staff activities, securing and cultivating client relationships, and promoting a positive work environment that ensures a high […]

Should I Change Jobs? 7 Signs You’re Ready to Leave

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It’s normal to get bored or frustrated with your job. But how do you know when you’ve crossed the line and need to leave? Leaving your job and catapulting your resume into the unknown can be a scary move, so you don’t want to do it on a whim. Here are seven signs that you’re […]

5 Reasons You’re Losing Your Best Workers

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Your best employees are performing at a high level and everything is going smoothly. Suddenly, they start leaving. A one-star employee leaving for greener pastures isn’t necessarily alarming, but when others start to flee, it should be a wake-up call. Where’s everyone going? And why? Here are five reasons you might be losing your best […]

How Can Your Soft Skills Help With a Career in Human Resources?

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Hard, technical skills are important, but there are some jobs, like human resources, where soft skills are just as crucial as more tangible qualifications. You need to communicate and collaborate with a wide range of people, stay positive and work well under pressure. Here are some soft skills that can help you be successful in a human resources career.   Communication  To work well with people, you need be […]

7 Ways to Combat Sleep Deprivation in the Workplace

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Sleep! It’s so important, yet one of the primary needs we sacrifice most. Thanks to Netflix, Instagram and overscheduling, we go to bed later, and wake up earlier to get to work, squeeze in another workout or get kids to daycare before heading into work. That doesn’t even cover sleep disorders, like insomnia and apnea that keep our bodies up at night. A lack […]

Stay Safe This Summer With These Tips

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Summer is the best time of year for a lot of reasons—the pool, the beach, the lake, summer cookouts, patio happy hours, and extra hours of daylight. But for a lot of people, the heat is also exhausting, draining and even dangerous, especially if you work or play outdoors in the scorching heat. Here are some […]

Unexpected Ways You Can Improve Your Teams Productivity

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We’re all busy nowadays—there’s so much to do in a limited number of hours, the workday just isn’t long enough. Your team is feeling the same way, stressed and busy and needing more hours in the day to accomplish their goals. But if you can help them maximize their productivity, they can be really successful, and you’ll be boss of the year. Here are some unexpected […]

Follow These 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Job offer

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Receiving multiple job offers can be a good problem to have. It also gives you some negotiating power. But more than one job offer means an extra round of decision making. So which job offer should you take? Follow these 3 tips for choosing the best job offer.   For more details read our blog […]

Does How I Dress Really Affect How I View Work? 

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Your clothes are important. It’s doesn’t have to be a designer suit or really expensive shoes, but when you’re dressed well, you feel good about yourself. Confident. Competent. Motivated. People can tell a lot about you when they first meet you and take note of the outfit you’re wearing—not that you’re into fashion or pretentious, but that you’re […]