4 Reasons to Consider a Seasonal Temp Job

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seasonal temp job interview

A seasonal temp job can be a really great opportunity for any job-seeker. Whether you’re looking for holiday retail jobs, seasonal work at resorts, travel-related jobs, event planning, or some other industry, the truth is that demand for many jobs fluctuates throughout the year. It’s a great way to earn money, develop skills, add experience, […]

Important Update from A.R. Mazzotta Regarding COVID-19

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A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists, Connecticut Logo

As the COVID-19 event continues to rapidly change, A.R. Mazzotta’s priority is the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and the CT communities where we work and live. We continue to monitor the situation and want to share a brief update on our operating plans and how we’re here to serve you: We are […]

6 Tips to Enhance Your Company’s Culture

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Good company culture is nothing to shake a stick at. It affects how engaged your employees are, how hard they’ll work, whether you can attract new hires, and whether your current employees will stick around long-term. But how do you know whether you’re developing the right type of company culture? Here are six tips to […]

What Are the Benefits of Partnering with A.R. Mazzotta?

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Staffing agencies partner with a pretty diverse range of industries, from teachers to pilots to biotechnologists to software coders. This means if you’re looking for a job in almost any field, working with a staffing agency is the way to go. They’ll help you craft your resume, help you get noticed, and help you prepare […]

How to Show Your Team That You Appreciate Them

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If you want your top employees to work for you and stay loyal to you and your company, you have to show them that you appreciate them. When your team feels like you appreciate them and value their efforts and talents, good things will happen on your team. Here are seven ways to show your […]

5 Tips on How to Answer the Question “What Motivates You”

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Whenever you answer an interview question, you must be honest, thoughtful, and sincere. Don’t simply tell them what you think they want to hear. Most hiring managers can see through that and if they don’t, you might end up being hired by a company where you’re not a great fit. Instead, tell some inspiring stories […]

How to Make People Feel Good About Their Work

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Nothing makes employees more productive than when they feel good about the work they do. And though a lot of that comes from an innate attitude that your employees have, much of that job satisfaction comes from you as their employer. Company culture and positive attitudes come from your leadership. Here are some ways to […]

A.R. Mazzotta Receives Best of Staffing 2020 Award

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Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction 2020

Three years in a row!  A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists has won the Best of Staffing Award from Clearly Rated in 2018, 2019 and now again in 2020! How did we accomplish this?  Thanks to our wonderful clients who took the time to complete a survey and provided high marks for A.R. Mazzotta’s service and quality […]

Why You Should Work With a Staffing Agency

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The job search process is exhausting and intimidating. And when you hit a few bumps in the road—a rejection or two, months of waiting for a callback, or some rocky interviews—it can crush your morale and set you back. But you don’t have to do this all by yourself! A staffing agency can help. They’ll […]