The True Value of Recruiting Services

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Have you ever paid attention to car manufacturers’ ads?  They show you models that are loaded with extras and then entice you with prices that seem too good to be true – and they usually are.  Because what those numbers in bold print don’t include are all the fees, taxes and options that can literally […]

Using the Right Assessment Tools to Make Sound Hiring Decisions

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Much as a carpenter must select the right chisel to carve a head post, a hiring manager must carefully choose the right assessment tools to make a sound hiring decision.  To help you develop a functional hiring “toolbox,” here is a brief overview of commonly used assessment tools. Qualifications Screens These simple questionnaires determine if […]

Do More With Less: Six Ways Staffing Services Can Save You Money

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Looking for ways to do more with less? Okay, let’s be realistic.  In today’s economic climate, what business isn’t looking to do more with less? Staffing firms offer several effective solutions for reducing overhead, managing labor-related costs and improving productivity.  Used intelligently, staffing services can save you more money than they cost.  Here’s how: Lower […]

Boost Morale and Productivity (without breaking the bank)

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If your company is like most, you may struggle to find effective ways to reward employees without spending a lot.  Thankfully, when it comes to boosting morale in these unpredictable economic times, money isn’t everything.  Here are some creative ideas to keep your staff’s spirits and productivity high, while keeping an eye on your bottom […]

Happy New Year

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We at A.R. Mazzotta Employment Services send you wishes for a safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010. Happy New Year!

Workforce Planning: Action Steps for Today's Economy

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The current economy has driven down revenues dramatically. This is not a newsflash, of course, but a harsh reality that has triggered sweeping changes to workforce plans – plans to increase capabilities, reduce costs, and survive the economic chaos that’s likely to linger into 2010. If your company is struggling in the current economy, here […]

Giving Employees Constructive Feedback

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As managers, we intuitively know that giving and getting honest feedback is essential to our professional growth.  It’s also integral to building successful organizations.  So why is it that many of us put off giving feedback to our employees?  Maybe it’s because we’re afraid of negative outcomes. Here are some common feedback mistakes: Speaking out […]