7 Summer Perks for Employees

| HR and Management Tips

summer perks for employees - I love summer

Although it’s not officially summer, we’ve already celebrated the symbolic start of it —Memorial Day! It can be a challenge to keep employees focused and upbeat when the work days turn warm and co-workers start to embark on their vacations. Some employees mentally check out before they physically check out at the end of the […]

Should Your Small Business Use a CT Staffing Agency?

| A.R. Mazzotta

CT staffing agency - A. R. Mazzotta meeting

Staffing agencies are playing a bigger role in providing employment services to small and mid-size companies. Why? Because they can deliver better job candidates while saving a company valuable time and money when it comes to hiring their workforce. Small businesses certainly can have their pick of staffing agencies. There are many out there – […]

Tips for Hiring and Managing a Virtual Workforce

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Virtual workplaces were once considered ineffective, tough to manage and hard to set up for success. My how times have changed. Today, virtual workforces are becoming the future of our employment landscape. Employers are implementing the popular work model in different ways. Some companies are giving employees the opportunity to split their time between remote […]

7 Cool Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

| A.R. Mazzotta

employee appreciation - "Bravo"

  Did you totally miss Employee Appreciation Day 2018? Yep, it was March 2nd. If you forgot all about it, don’t sweat it. Because if you’re a standout employer that values its workers (and have the low turnover to prove it) then there’s a good chance you’re showing your appreciation on a more frequent basis […]

Finding Purpose with a Meaningful Career

| Career Tips

meaningful career - finding purpose in your career

You’re likely familiar with this famous phrase: Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. Some people might not agree with this sentiment, but others wholeheartedly do – especially those who find themselves in a meaningful career that gives them a sense of purpose. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t […]

3 Steps to Hiring Customer Service Rock Stars

| HR and Management Tips

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No matter the product or service being offered, having the ability to deliver amazing customer service is something that all companies need if they want to thrive in today’s highly competitive landscape. Dishing out bad customer service will make your customers run away and never look back. It’s true that some customer service functions are […]

CT Workplace Privacy – Knowing Employer/Employee Rights

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workplace privacy - looking through the keyhole

With the topic of online privacy so hot in the news these days, it’s a good time to talk about it from an employer/employee standpoint. What rights do Connecticut employers and employees have when it comes to workplace privacy? Let’s look at two Connecticut Department of Labor workplace laws which relate to employer surveillance and […]

7 Questions to Ask Your Job Interviewer

| Career Tips

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If you’ve landed a job interview, congrats. There are certain things you can do to prepare for the big event. And hopefully, your prep work will help squash any nerves you have about interviewing with a potential employer. A recent article from The Balance shares some helpful tips for interview preparation. Here are their top […]

3 Ways to Fix Employee Turnover

| HR and Management Tips

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Employee turnover is something that companies of any size and industry need to keep a close eye on. And if you fail to fix employee turnover in your organization, the side effects can be dangerous: Loss of time and money. It’s more expensive for an employer to replace good talent than it is to retain […]

10 Smart Employee Recruitment Tips for Your Organization

| HR and Management Tips

employee recruitment tips - get people knocking on your door

When recruiting employees for your organization, it’s unrealistic to think that only the resumes of A+ talent will magically fall across your desk. Among other things, it takes a good reputation and good old-fashioned hard work to ensure that the best candidates are recruited to your organization. Here are 10 employee recruitment tips to consider […]