Avoid These 5 Common Employer Interview Mistakes

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Depending how often you interview job candidates, it’s easy to fall into a rut and pick up poor interview habits. So here’s a hiring tip for you – avoid these 5 common interview mistakes and you’ll do a much better job of connecting with your candidates and securing the best person for the job.  Mistake […]

7 Signs You Might Need More Employees in 2019

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Workforce management is a perpetual balancing act. There are many sides to it – recruiting, onboarding, training, performance appraisals and of course staffing for growth. Around this time of year, when planning for 2019 is in full swing, there’s an increased focus on whether or not you might need more employees for the new year. […]

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Job Offer

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If you’re in the market for a new job, chances are good you’ve been interviewing with lots of potential employers and maybe even had an offer come your way. Maybe you’ve had several offers come your way – which is always a good situation to be in. Receiving multiple job offers can be a confidence […]

6 Employee Retention Strategies You Should Start Today

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A recent article published by the Society of Human Resource Management does a great job of shining the spotlight on one of the biggest workforce challenges today – employee retention. Let’s look at some industry data and break down the top employee retention strategies outlined in the article. Job Satisfaction Study A 2017 SHRM research […]

5 Reasons Why a Good Onboarding Process Matters

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New hires are better positioned for happiness and long-term success with their employer when they’re given the appropriate learning tools. And one of the best tools to make that happen is an effective onboarding process. Here are 5 reasons why having a great onboarding process for new hires is so important. Onboarding strengthens the company […]

July Jobs Report for CT

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  July jobs numbers from the Connecticut Department of Labor were released last Thursday, August 16. While the state lost jobs last month, the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.4%. Below are highlights from the July jobs report for CT, from the labor department’s Office of Research: Job Loss  Connecticut lost 1,200 jobs in the […]