4 “Resignation Etiquette” Strategies

According to the statistics making daily headlines and the HELP WANTED signs posted in an astounding number of establishments, it’s the season for resignations. Anthony Klotz of Texas A&M University attributes the “Great Resignation” to four leading causes: A backlog of workers who resisted the urge to quit in the early days of the pandemic […]

5 Ways to Ensure a Safe Night of Trick-or-Treating

To the kids, trick-or-treating is all about the fun, the costumes, and of course, the candy. That puts parents as chief of safety concerns, steering their young goblins toward a night of spooky but safe entertainment. Attention to these five components of trick-or-treating will do just that. Costume safety Like we said, for the kids, […]

Should You “Fall” for the Likeable Candidate?

The autumn of 2021 finds many employers caught in a whirlwind of filling what seems like a never-ending stream of open positions. For some of those openings, the stack of resumes is sizeable, but for other jobs, it’s slim picking. An array of questions fill the weary minds of business owners and hiring managers: Do […]

Do You Have Job Search Burnout?

Looking for a job—not just any job but the right job—can be exhausting, nerve-wracking, and overwhelming. And that’s during “normal” times when a worldwide pandemic hasn’t caused a massive economic downturn from which we are collectively trying to recover. Let’s face it. Life has been uber challenging these past eighteen-plus months. And now, an extended […]

Ghosting Employers May Haunt Your Career


Many professionals underestimate the impact of ghosting employers. While they usually understand it costs them a job – something that may actually be part of their plan – they don’t always see the wider ramifications.  In reality, ghosting employers may haunt your career. If you’re wondering what kind of impact it can have, here’s what you need to […]

4 Strategies to Avoid a Bad Hire

Do you want to splinter the team’s healthy dynamic? Throw a wrench into the workings of a thriving, productive workforce? Maybe you’re all about marring the company’s reputation or looking for a way to drive your best employees away. Because who needs upbeat morale anyway, right? Of course, you’re not seeking any of those horrific […]